Hole by Hole Course Description

Hole 1

Par: 5
Handicap: 7
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 1
Fairway bunkers frame this majestic par 5 with a slight dogleg. Your second shot offers a directional bunker and a unique split fairway. The moderately sloped green accepts good shots, but don’t be long on your approach.

Hole 2

Par: 3
Handicap: 17
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 2
Hit a mid-to-short iron tee shot to a green protected by two bunkers on the right and mounds guarding the left apron.

Hole 3

Par: 4
Handicap: 5
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 3
This is probably the most demanding hole on the course. From the elevated tee, you must hit an accurate drive to a narrow landing area. Your second shot plays uphill to a large, undulating green guarded by a bunker front right and grassy hollows on the left.

Hole 4

Par: 4
Handicap: 11
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 4
This tee shot demands measured accuracy. Bunkers and wetlands to the right create a narrow landing area.

Hole 5

Par: 4
Handicap: 9
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 5
With bunkers on the left and trees all down the right side, don’t let the distance of this shorter par 4 fool you. The approach shot must carry the pond that protects most pin placements on this undulating green.

Hole 6

Par: 4
Handicap: 15
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 6
Hit your tee shot to the left center of the fairway to set up a short iron approach to this gently sloped green guarded by two bunkers. Birdie is a possibility.

Hole 7

Par: 5
Handicap: 1
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 7
Don’t leave anything in the bag on the course’s longest par 5. Wetlands and a pond to the left and out-of-bounds to the right create a tight landing area for your lay-up shot.

Hole 8

Par: 3
Handicap: 13
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 8
Hit your tee shot to the correct level of this two-tiered green or face the chance of a three-putt or worse. Par is always a good score here.

Hole 9

Par: 4
Handicap: 3
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 9
On this long par 4, avoid the large fairway bunker protecting the far end of the dogleg. Hit a long iron or fairway wood on your approach to this elevated, modestly sloped green. Don’t go long.

Hole 10

Par: 4
Handicap: 12
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 10
On this dogleg left, your second shot plays downhill to a large, multi-level green. Avoid the bunker guarding the left side of the green.

Hole 11

Par: 5
Handicap: 2
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 11
Your drive finds an open landing area short of the wetland stream. Low handicappers must be aware of the cross bunker – not visible on your second shot – that protects the left approach.

Hole 12

Par: 4
Handicap: 6
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 12
Avoid the fairway bunker that protects the left side of this narrow landing area. Be careful on you approach to this elevated, two-tiered green that slopes away in the rear.

Hole 13

Par: 4
Handicap: 8
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 13
Avoid the large fairway bunker guarding the right side of the landing area. A good tee-shot leaves a mid-to-short iron over the pond and bunker to the shallowest green on the course.

Hole 14

Par: 3
Handicap: 18
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 14
A left pin position requires a carry over the pond. Landing on the right side requires refined putting skills to make par.

Hole 15

Par: 4
Handicap: 14
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 15
Long hitters may be tempted to drive this narrow multi-level green protected in front by a pond. Shots that go long will find mounds and bunkers waiting behind the green.

Hole 16

Par: 4
Handicap: 10
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 16
Hit straightaway off the tee to this narrow, sloping fairway protected by bunkers on both sides. The green presents a large target, but bunkers guard it in front.

Hole 17

Par: 3
Handicap: 16
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 17
This uphill par 3 demands that you carry your shot to an elevated target. In this amphitheatre setting, a grassy hollow and bunker guard the front of the green while pot bunkers guard the left side.

Hole 18

Par: 5
Handicap: 4
Point Sebago Golf Course Hole 18
Laying up sets the stage for a short approach over the water to this shallow green. You must hit your tee shot down the right side to have a clear approach shot. Going for this green in two is risky.

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